September 27, 2022

Description of Job
• Clean dirt, stains, and mold from wooden decks and balconies.
• Make minor repairs to wood surfaces.
• Apply water sealer and tints.
The Need
Wooden decks, raised patios, and balconies are gracious extensions of the interior of our homes. Yet as part of the outside, they are constantly exposed to rain,
snow, and extremes of temperature. They can accumulate dirt and grime and
Cleaning a deck is relatively simple with the proper tools and chemicals, but
it’s not a job that many homeowners relish.
Deck cleaning is typically limited to the warm weather months, and demand may
be highest in late spring and early summer.
Some detergents are extremely caustic and may be dangerous to pets and
some plants; you may need to protect against overspray and take care in your
cleanup after the job is completed. There may be local regulations on the storage
and use of these chemicals.
Some decks may already have rot or other damage that should be repaired
before cleaning and coating is performed. You may want to have a relationship
with a carpenter who can perform such work.
Power washers do a good job of blasting out debris between the cracks and
cleaning the surface of the deck, but an overly strong spray can also damage the
Water-repellent coating chemicals need to be applied when temperatures lie
within a specific range, and the deck will need to be protected from humans and
pets while it is drying.

Know the Territory
Consult a home supply store for advice on the latest chemicals and tools.
A professional deck cleaner uses brushes, power sprayers, detergents, and
bleaches to clean wooden decks. Once the deck has been cleaned, the wooden
surface is then coated with a water repellent.
Some water-repellent chemicals include a tint to add a bit of color to the wood.

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