September 26, 2022

Often, you may have heard that people’s wills are revealed to their loved ones soon after they pass away. But have you ever heard that someone’s will is locked away for 90 long years?

If not, you are in the right place because today we are going to reveal information about Prince Philip’s secret will, which is not supposed to be revealed before 2111!

Tim Graham/Getty Images | Did you know that Prince Philip’s secret will is not supposed to be revealed before 2111?

Unraveling the mystery behind Prince Philip’s will

Prince Philip, who passed away on April 9, 2021 at the age of 99, wrote his last wishes on a piece of paper. That paper is today locked up inside a secret London repository along with those of 32 other royals. On November 25, 2021, details about this mysterious safe came to light, when the British court released documents revealing the full list of royals whose wills have been under lock and key for years. According to the list, wills dating back to Prince Francis of Teck make up the royal collection and are under the supervision of High Court Judge Sir Andrew McFarlane. The repository even includes the wills of the late Queen Mother, Princess Margaret, as well as King Edward VIII, who relinquished the throne in December 1936. On Prince Philip’s side, it includes the last wishes of Queen Mary, Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma and Princess Beatrice.

Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images | The British court recently released documents revealing the list of royals whose wills have long been locked away.

In September 2021, during the hearing on the secrecy of Prince Philip’s last wishes, McFarlane revealed that he is the custodian of the late Duke of Edinburgh’s will and is also responsible for the wills of 32 other senior royals. He confirmed that the wishes date back to Prince Francis of Teck in 1911, with the last entry being made in 2002 when the wills of Queen Elizabeth, her late mother and her sister were delivered. While closing the case, the 67-year-old stated at the time that the royal family deserves a higher level of privacy so that his dignity and his role as a public figure remain intact. He even announced that any request to open the will would only be considered after 90 years. In the case of previous requests, it will only be attended to in the presence of a specific justification related to the management of the estate of the deceased.

Terry Oneill/Getty Images | HC judge Sir Andrew McFarlane has admitted being the custodian of the late Duke of Edinburgh’s will.

Why all the fuss over Prince Philip’s will?

Under British law, citizens automatically go public after death, so the chances of fraud are lessened and beneficiaries know their rights. However, for the last 100 years, royalty have managed to exempt themselves from this law. Most of his wills go straight into the safe and remain hidden for long periods to prevent scandal or the spread of rumours. However, since all Brits don’t get this facility, it makes them feel like royalty is above the law, which is not true.

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