September 27, 2022

Amazon Studios recently lost a great employee in Vicky Eguia. She played pivotal roles in several of the company’s blockbuster films, including Manchester by the Sea, the first Amazon film to be nominated for an Oscar. Vicky Eguia was a PR manager at Amazon Studios and died in Los Angeles at the age of 48 after battling cancer.

Eguia spent many years as the Public Relations Manager at Amazon before being promoted to Public Relations Director for Diversity, Community Relations, Equity and Inclusion. Amazon Studios head Jen Stalke and PR chief Cory Shields were saddened by the death of their beloved worker. In a staff memo, they remembered her as the perfect team player, always willing to work with dedication and commitment. They added that her charm and sense of humor would always be missed.

Vicky Eguia/Facebook | Vicky loved everything about her job

The widely admired Vicky joined the company in 2015 and has since had a long professional working relationship with Bob Berney, who was responsible for getting the film operations off the ground. One of her early hits on Amazon was “Manchester by the Sea,” which received multiple Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actor. In doing so, Amazon was able to make history by being the first streaming service to be awarded an Oscar nomination for Best Picture. Vicky has also directed promotional campaigns for the studio for such films as “One Night in Miami”, “Coming 2 America”, “The Big Sick”, “The Sound of Metal” and more.

Le Minh/Pexels | Vicky was a passionate PR director

Before joining Amazon, Eguia held several advertising positions at Millennium Entertainment, Newmarket Films and Picturehouse. She had worked with a number of Hollywood stars including Mel Gibson, Guillermo Del Toro and Marion Cotillard. She has been fortunate to work behind some blockbusters including The Passion of the Christ, Pan’s Labyrinth, Breakout Monie and La Vie en Rose.

Le Minh/Pexels | She had a unique and creative way of telling stories that set her apart from the rest

Ted Hope worked with Berney at Amazon Studios and tweeted some wonderful words in memory of Vicky. He told RIP Vicky Eguia you had an amazing vibe which made everyone feel better. He added that her love for films is evident and she will always be missed.

Vicky began her career as an account manager at Rogers and Cowan in 2000 in the film department. She has worked on campaigns for films such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Whale Rider and Y Tu Mama Tambien. Vicky at Amazon Studios was an executive and also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Amazon said she was a smart, talented and passionate advertiser who genuinely loved what she does, which encompasses all phases of the art of filmmaking. They further praised her by saying that she had a great sense of humor and an amazing way of telling stories which was entertaining to everyone who knew her. Finally, they said that their dear Vicky was admired by filmmakers, the industry, colleagues and her friends. They concluded by saying that she will always be missed.

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