September 27, 2022

Although being a “king” brings with it many privileges and a fancy lifestyle, it is not what every soul desires.

Sometimes people are more used to normalcy than the glittery royal life, and that separates them from the rest of the world. Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry wear this quality in abundance.

CBS/The Sun | In a rather controversial interview Harry and Meghan gave to Oprah on March 7, 2021, the couple gave people a glimpse into their California life

It’s been more than a year since Meghan and Harry renounced their royal titles and left Buckingham Palace to settle in Southern California. Since moving, they have maintained a private life away from the press and media. However, fans of the couple got a glimpse of Meghan and Harry’s new California lifestyle with Oprah Winfrey’s exclusive interview on March 7, 2021.

Here are a few insights into the interview.

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A little insight into the Sussex lifestyle

Even after living in Montecito themselves, the couple and Winfrey used a neighbor’s house to record the seated portions of the interview. As the camera recorded their conversation, they invited Winfrey to take a peek at their backyard, which featured a pretty interesting chicken coop!

With big grins on their faces, Harry and Meghan revealed that the coop was named Archie’s Chick Inn after their 22-month-old son Archie Harrison.

CBS/The Sun | Harry and Meghan gave Oprah a tour of their backyard, which included their chicken coop, which was named “Archie’s Chick Inn” after their son

While feeding the chickens and hens, Harry told Winfrey that Meghan has wanted to keep chickens for a long time and the couple may finally make it happen as they recently rescued her from a factory farm. Meghan agreed with Harry’s statements and admitted that she loved rescuing animals.

Later, when Winfrey asked Meghan to describe her Californian lifestyle in one word, “peace” was all Meghan could think of. She explained that the best thing about living in California is being able to live an authentic life. The fact that everything was so simple yet fulfilling amazed her.

FYI, the couple moved to the Montecito compound in July 2020. The property is spread over 7.5 acres while the Mediterranean-style home covers 18,761 square feet. Originally listed at $14.65 million, the home consists of the main house and a guest house. Spread over the main building and guest house are nine bedrooms and sixteen bathrooms with outdoor facilities such as a tea house, swimming pool and tennis court.

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chicken coop-3
CBS/MediaWeek | Among other things, the couple also spoke about their new sources of income, as they have not been entitled to any income since stepping out of life as royals

Harry & Meghan’s new sources of income

Aside from the other things discussed on Winfrey’s show, was the couple’s income. While stepping back from their royal duties, they had announced that they would work towards becoming financially independent. Their combined income includes Meghan’s earnings from her acting days and Harry’s fortune, which he inherited from his late mother, Princess Diana.

Princess Diana had reportedly left her sons William and Harry a fortune of £13million. Also, the couple makes quite a bit of money by collaborating with streaming services Netflix and Spotify.

When they were still working as royals, 95% of their income came from the Duchy of Cornwall, while the other 5% came from the taxpayer-funded Sovereign Grant.

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