September 28, 2022

If a woman aspires to lose weight, she has certain goals and objectives in mind. The most important of them is to be physically healthy. However, the reason behind the weight loss was very different for senior star Rebel Wilson.

In her latest interview with the New York Times, the actress talks about being overweight. And how her fertility doctor motivated her to lose weight. “He (referring to her fertility doctor) looked at me and said, ‘You’ll be a lot different if you lose weight. So will your baby be. This was the moment I thought this doctor was being rude,” Ms. Wilson tells the New York Times.

The Today Show / Giving birth to a healthy boy was the driving force that allowed Wilson to lose more than 80 pounds in a year. She tells the New York Times.

She goes on to say, “I thought to myself: How the hell can a doctor be so rude? He upset me deeply. But, later, I realized that this guy was right. I will have to lose weight if I want a healthier body and baby.” In addition, the actress acknowledges that she has been “careless with herself” and she confesses that she will have to do it for the baby. “Our baby’s future inspired me to do something about my excess weight,” she says. “I am grateful to the doctor who put a new perspective on my overweight body and inspired me to be healthier for both myself and the child.”

The goal paid off in style

Hello Magazine / Being the healthiest version of herself was actress Rebel Wilson’s ultimate goal.

Following the advice of her fertility doctor, Rebel made a commitment to lose weight. “I had several ideas in mind to lose weight, as my big goal. After going through the whole year (2022) I lost over 85 pounds, which was a good number given my carelessness.”

However, he says it wasn’t the numbers that mattered to him. Rather, she was the idea of ​​becoming the healthiest version of herself. The 42-year-old also claims that it was not an easy journey. “I had to deal with my emotional eating habits, which is by far the hardest thing for me. But, if I have achieved it, I think it is because of the unwavering goal I had”.

The Last year Star needed emotional support

The Mirror / Despite being well loved online, Rebel Wilson felt a lack of emotional affirmation in her life.

Moving forward with the interview, Wilson reveals that her weight loss journey went beyond her physique. “If I reflect now, I can see that there was a dearth of emotional support in my life. And that led me to emotional eating and being unaware of my health.”

Furthermore, the actress reveals that when she was widely praised online and on camera, she still missed the feeling of being heard in the real world. “More often, I sat with the thought that I don’t matter. I think this was why I was so excited to eat and didn’t care about my health.”

Regardless, the actress has achieved the milestone and is healthier than ever today.

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