September 27, 2022

The Grammys are highly anticipated as they honor the best and brightest in the music industry and, like other major awards shows, it’s also a great way for fashionistas to spot the standout from the crowd. At recent celebrations, one in particular has been the talk of the town: Billy Porter.

The stage actor was a scene thief, and anyone who’s seen the Grammys knows it was because of the bling he wore from head to toe. The 50-year-old was literally brilliant and it definitely became hard to miss his performance as he shone even brighter when flashbulbs hit him.

The Posing celeb hit the red carpet wearing a Scott Studenberg creation

That pose The celebrity hit the red carpet wearing a Scott Studenberg creation: a blue Baja East jumpsuit that seemed alive thanks to the crystal fringes on her feet that moved as she walked. He also wore a matching cropped jacket and, more importantly, an oversized hat that appeared to be hiding a magical trick.

Billy’s hat had crystal clear fringes flowing down the sides, but wait a minute, it just wasn’t. It also served as a privacy screen for the man, because it can be closed like a curtain with just the push of a button.

The bold dresser quipped on Twitter that the curtain closes whenever someone annoys him. Billy showed what he’s capable of on the red carpet and when the fringes opened up he revealed his glam metallic look.

Billy loved Billie Eilish’s hood

The spectacular hat was made by Sarah Sokol, a hat maker for celebrities like Emilia Clarke, Cardi B and Janelle Monae. The mind behind the moving piece was Smooth Technology, whose hardware technology was used at festivals and concerts.

Apparently, the same tech company was partly responsible for Janelle’s Met Gala look last year, so that’s what connected her to the hatter. The result was nothing short of perfect: a masterpiece that wowed crowds and wowed fashion gurus.

Billy’s stylist Sam Ratelle said the posable headpiece was inspired by singers Billie Eilish‘s American Music Awards blinded the hood. He explained that he’s also the one holding the remote control, and when the star gives him a sign, he closes the fringes.

In total, Billy’s look had 70,000 crystals that were manually placed on the outfit. Outrageous, right?

Billy wore a pastel green dress to the Critics’ Choice Awards

However, if you are a big fan of Like a boss Star, you’ll recall his Critic’s Choice Award outfit was just as outrageous as that blue ensemble.

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