September 27, 2022

Hollywood has long catered to Chinese censors, sometimes exaggerating, to keep up with one of entertainment’s biggest markets. However, it looks like this is no longer the case. In recent years, some of Hollywood’s top producers, who are the masterminds behind some blockbuster films, have deliberately retained scenes that could provoke the Chinese censorship board, without considering the possible loss of access to a market of 1.4 billion people.

BBecause of this, some films have been eagerly awaited around the world, such as Top Gun: Maverick, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Lightyear, which did not see the face of Chinese cinemas and It does not look like it looks as if they will reach the second largest box office in the world in the foreseeable future.

Brett Sayles/Pexels | Chinese audiences are missing out on some of the best work Hollywood has to offer

The Chinese censorship

In most countries, a film is screened after its release and then shown in theaters, but China has a strict censorship that checks every single part of a film before it’s released to the public. The slightest mistake could anger the Chinese censors, which would result in the film not being released in theaters. Censorship is a serious issue in China, as the government uses it as a tool to flag anything it deems “inappropriate.” This can be considered inappropriate symbols, visual elements and even the smallest appearance of cleavage, tattoos, politically sensitive issues and even smoking.

Goodbye Top Gun: Maverick

A perfect example of this situation is the recent Tom Cruise film Top Gun: Maverick. is considered one of the greatest paintings of that year. In its 2019 trailer, the film omitted Taiwan’s flag, which featured in Tom Cruise’s iconic bomber jacket. This was because the producers were being pushed by a Chinese investor who made the producers change the original vision. This is because China and Taiwan have been on the brink of conflict as the Beijing leadership claims Taiwan is part of main Chinese territory, although the communist government has never ruled it directly.

Cottonbro/Pexels | The Paramount film studio has made peace that the film will not be shown in Chinese cinemas

Not so ‘light year’

Another case was the Disney and Pixar film “Lightyear,” which featured a same-sex kissing scene that many authorities, including Chinese censors, approached the studios to remove from their animated release, but Disney decided to keep the scene not to be shortened. The producer later mentioned that she was convinced that the film would not be released in China because of this. It’s no secret that the Chinese communist government has long opposed it, outlawing laws regulating homosexuality.

Tima/Pexels | A source claims Disney has submitted the film “Lightyear” for release in China, but hasn’t received any response from the bureau as of yet.

Do you think it’s worth missing out on the second biggest box office in the world?

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