December 2, 2022

Montecito is part of Santa Barbara, California. The city has been all over the news recently since it was revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to settle there for the time being. But for a long time, the place had been exclusively for comparatively low-key, ultra-rich international folks. Read on to find out all about the beautiful and luxurious neighborhood.

Firooz Zahedi’s love for Montecito

The Royals may be the most famous people living in the area, but they are certainly not the richest! It was over 40 years ago that Firooz Zahedi fell in love with Montecito. He first visited the city when he was invited to a party at the home of Micheal Douglas and his ex-wife. His initial thought of the place was that it was heavenly. He told a famous photographer that this place was only an hour from Los Angeles and that he would love to have a place of his own in the city.

Luis Miguel P. Bonilla/Pexels | Montecito is just over an hour away from Los Angeles.

Best home designs in Montecito

The best thing about this district is that no one tries to brag about each other and/or push their elite in the face of visitors because they are all famous or rich or both. Rather, they gather inspiration. For example, Daniel Cuevas is an interior designer who also owns a house in Montecito, and Zahedi revealed that he loves the way Cuevas has designed the mid-century home.

Another house located in Montecito that Zahedi loved belongs to architect William Hefner. He said that if he had to build a house in Montecito from scratch, he would definitely have hired William for the job. His house is built around the land and offers maximum privacy. His property has quite a few buildings, along with a pool house that has 2 bedrooms. The house is built in a sort of U-shape, surrounding a beautiful outdoor living area.

Pixabay/Pexels | Architect William Hefner has designed his house in quite a unique way.

Montecito Weather

The climate in California is not extreme by any means; winters are cold but not freezing and summers are hot but not scorching. This is why Montecito’s grounds are quite elaborate, meaning they are designed in a way that they become an extension of the home’s interior entertaining areas.

Max Vakhtbovych/Pexels | Montecito’s unchanging climate is the reason for its extensive landscaping, as well as beautiful gardens.

Zahedi also talks about the country houses in the city and says that the landscaping is excellent and the gardens are amazing.

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