September 28, 2022

Prince William and Kate Middleton married in 2011 and have since been known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William is currently second in line to the throne behind Prince Charles’ father.

The Duke and Duchess live at Kensington Palace with their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Your family will grow by one this spring!

Vogue / If there’s one thing that’s most common among royal couples, it’s exploring new places.

The royal couple have incredible touring taste

Most recently, the royal couple toured Australia together. They have also taken several solo trips – including a trip where they visited America from June 24 to July 1, 2015 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.

The couple embarked on a six-day trip to promote Britain during their ‘Great Trip Campaign’ – a tour of the Far East and Middle East. This February we’re going to Germany and Poland.

Page Six / Prince William and Kate Middleton are most likely to visit Australia this month. reports The celebrity news

They are known for their charitable work through the foundation named after them. They have also done engagements in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The couple are well known for special appearances for charities such as Children In Crisis, Centrepoint, Tusk Trust, Starlight Children’s Foundation UK, NSPCC (National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children), Teenage Cancer Trust & Well Child.

What is the next target point for the royal couple?

In mid-January, Kensington Palace announced that Prince William would visit Israel and the West Bank from June 24-27 this year to focus on “the Middle East peace process and the Duke’s interest in environmental sustainability.”

As we know, Israel and Palestine have a long history of problems that have led to civil unrest. Therefore, it is unlikely that the royal couple will visit Israel.

Vanity Fair / Prince William and Kate Royal Foundation aims to create “a scalable impact” in the world. Says a report The Royal Foundation

Prince William is also founding his charity, called United For Wildlife, which “works with community leaders to prevent extinction and ensure the long-term health of our precious natural world.” If these two focus on these trips, it would make sense that if their next trip was somewhere in the tropics, they would go back to a place like Australia, or possibly another place in Asia like Japan, China, or Thailand.

However, on January 31, Kensington Palace announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton would be traveling to Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Their first stop will be in Stockholm, Sweden on May 24th, followed by Copenhagen, Denmark on May 25th. On May 26th they will visit Oslo, Norway and then on May 28th they will travel to Helsinki, Finland. They will end their royal tour on June 1st in Iceland (a country in North America).

Again – it’s unlikely Prince William would travel to a tropical location during his tour of Scandinavia given his commitment to conservation through his foundation, United For Wildlife. Last March, he visited Antarctica for an official royal tour, during which they spent some time talking about climate change (along with Prince Harry, who went to the South Pole).

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