September 27, 2022

Virgin Voyages has announced an incredible new partnership with international movie and music superstar, businesswoman and fashion icon Jennifer Lopez. In recent news, Jennifer Lopez announced that she will continue her artistic and social mission to empower, entertain and inspire; To achieve her goal, she announced her association and collaboration with Richard Branson.

She will join the innovative cruise line as director of entertainment and lifestyle. In the ad posted on Instagram, Richard sings a song on FaceTime and suggests that its title could be “Jenny from the Dock.” They later decided on the director of entertainment.

Virgin Voyages has been playing a different game

Mauricio Mascaro/ Pexels | Virgin Voyages is a cruise line based in Plantation, Florida

Virgin Voyages has a history of challenging the status quo and is redefining the nautical tradition of naming a godmother from a ceremonial role to a truly modern and transformative partnership with arguably one of the world’s most powerful artists. Richard Branson’s epic new cruise line, Virgin Voyages, has always done things a little differently. And now they’re taking a new, modern approach to a godmother’s nautical tradition for their boats.

Virgin Voyages launched its first adults-only cruise ship last year, called the Scarlett Lady. This 278-foot-long ship accommodates 2,770 passengers and features the usual cruise ship amenities, including a pool deck, on all 17 decks, along with slightly less usual offerings like a tattoo parlor and entertainment events. emerging. She also includes multiple restaurants instead of one large buffet dining room. Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady are virtually identical, with their dazzling interiors, boutique hotel vibe, and multiple restaurants. The only real difference is their respective itineraries.

Dvsross/Wikimedia | Jennifer Lynn “J.Lo” Lopez is an American singer, actress, and dancer.

Also, as Omicron declines in Europe and the US, there has been a turnaround in confidence. There has been an increase in bookings, she says, suggesting that travelers are trusting cruise ships again. However, Virgin Voyages has implemented its own Covid safety protocol under which everyone aboard the Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady must be vaccinated, and the cruise line says it also screens guests before boarding.

JLo’s skin care will be available on the cruise

Jennifer Lopez, Richard Branson and Virgin Voyages have big plans together. As an investor and advisor, she turns the godmother tradition on its head and makes it powerful and limitless. From the development of the boater experience, with an emphasis on well-being, to design collaborations and co-creations of entertainment, it will all come throughout 2022. Jennifer Lopez will be a guardian of the fleet like no other in history.

MTV International/Wikimedia | In 1974, at the age of 5, J.Lo began taking singing and dancing classes.

And to kick things off in style and glamour, Virgin Voyages will exclusively introduce JLo Beauty as part of the onboard offering, bringing Jennifer’s amazing products to the high seas for the first time. This isn’t the first time Virgin Voyages has used a little star power. Last year, the cruise line announced that it would offer actor Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin on its ships, with the spirit in gin cocktails on board.

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