September 28, 2022

You probably know the American socialite for her exquisite looks and experience as a model. And the businesswoman can be said to have countless accomplishments under her belt, not to mention her staggering net worth of $1.8 billion. The 41-year-old model has been appearing in countless TV shows and movies and has become known worldwide. From Keeping Up With the Kardashians to Disaster Movie, Kim is a world-renowned model and actress.

The Real Mango / Kim Kardashian is a big fan of the luxurious lifestyle and loves owning vacation properties.

What you probably haven’t heard of, though, is their lavish lifestyle and unyielding commitment to new homes. Not only does Kim Kardashian own numerous properties in Hidden Hills, but she also has vacation homes in Palm Spring and other vacation spots across the United States. It is pertinent to mention here that the vast majority of her properties are not disclosed to the public. So we can only assume that sitting far away, she owns a decent amount of property as part of her lavish lifestyle.

However, when the businesswoman separated from the popular rapper Kanye West, rumors circulated that she would leave her home in the San Fernando Valley, which she shared with her ex-husband and their children. Later, it turned out that she has no intention of leaving that house.

The entertainer and businesswoman buys another house adjacent to the house she shared with Kanye West

Joe Posnanski/Kim not only keeps the Vervoordt-designed property, but also buys another next door.

After her divorce, Kardashian not only continued to own the home she shared with the rapper, but also bought another palatial home next door. According to Dirt, the house, which Kim just bought, has four bedrooms and is “right next door to her previous Hidden Hills mansion.” In addition, the media explains that it cost the businessman 6.3 million dollars.

However, the house is reported to be of classical architecture that was built in the ’70s. By Kim Kardashian’s “minimalist standards,” the space is expected to go through major renovations before she steps into the house.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet / Kim’s new house covers an area of ​​4,250 square feet and is a “classical architecture”.

Given Kim Kardashian’s minimalist outlook, she wants everything to be seamless, simple, and peaceful. By that standard, this house does not fit the animator’s taste due to the current stature of the house. All the walls are mirrored, the stairs are all carpeted in green, etc. Similarly, the outside vegetation looks dead.

Based on that, you can tell that Kim will be doing a major renovation and redecorating the space before she moves in. From a bird’s eye view of the building, we’re sure to see that there’s significant room for transformation, especially for a minimalist like Kim Kardashian.

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