September 28, 2022

As caring parents, we make sure that our children get the best of the best; sometimes in doing so we tend to exaggerate and spoil them without our knowledge. Could that be what happened when Kylie Jenner gave her 22-month-old daughter Stormi Webster a diamond ring?

Yep, you read that right: The baby only sported a sparkly glitter during the holidays, though it was unclear if it was given to her by her billionaire mom or if it was from the reality star. However, fans were quick to assume that the Kylie Cosmetics businesswoman bought the diamond ring because it seemed to be the right size for the little girl’s adorable finger.

Stormi received a giant bling from her mother

As usual, Kylie took to Instagram to share the over-the-top gift with her followers via Stories, which featured Stormi wearing an open ring set with two diamond safety pins side by side. So yes, while most of us are stuck seeing what our Secret Santas have put in our socks, the baby, who probably didn’t know what she had on her finger, received giant, sparkly rocks.

The internet was divided over Stormi’s gift, with some saying it was just a ridiculous way to show off, while others defended Kylie by saying she can do whatever she wants with her money. Some responded and explained where everyone was wrong: that although the keeping up with the Kardashians star has tons of money at his disposal, he could have used it for something more meaningful.

Kylie also has the same diamond ring.

After receiving mainly criticism for the ostentatious display of wealth (although everyone knows that she is the youngest self-made billionaire), Kylie deleted the clip. However, she seemed like she didn’t mind the backlash because she posted another video showing her wearing the exact design of Stormi’s diamond ring against the steering wheel, which made people wonder if those mother-daughter rings Were the same.

Since then, Kylie had kept quiet about the real deal of the diamond ring. Plus, it was far from the only gift Stormi got for Christmas.

If you understand that everything is classy, ​​grand, and luxurious for the Kardashian-Jenner clan, then you know that momager kris jennerThe giant gift from the playhouse was nothing impressive. Travis ScottStormi’s dad also went out of his way to gift his little girl a surprise appearance of Poppy from the animated film. trolls.

Travis Scott gave Stormi a ‘pink’ surprise

In case you’re not following Stormi’s glamorous life, she’s an avid fan of the film and has seen it several times already.

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