September 25, 2022

Description of Job
• Specify, deliver, and install predesigned and prefabricated storage sheds,
children’s playhouses, doghouses, and other structures.

• Custom-build structures to client’s specifications, complementing the home
The Need
Some stuff just doesn’t fit or belong inside your house: lawn mowers, bicycles,
outdoor toys, tools, hoses, lawn food, and fertilizer among them. No one wants
to go up and down the stairs to the basement (if you have one) carrying the lawn
A storage shed can hold the stuff of summer and winter in a way that complements your house and adds to the value of your property.
What child wouldn’t treasure a private playhouse? What dog wouldn’t like a
place to call his or her own?
Designing and building a stand-alone shed or outbuilding involves most of
the same skills involved in constructing a house, albeit on a much smaller
scale. You’ll need carpentry skills and knowledge of building and engineering
A much simpler solution is to become an assembler and installer of predesigned and cut wooden structures or high-quality metal buildings.
In most localities you need a building permit to erect a structure. In some
areas you also have to deal with zoning laws and regulations on design, materials, and colors.
Depending on the soil and type of structure, you may need a concrete slab or
other type of foundation.
The contract should state that the client agrees to pay for any changes to the
project beyond what is included in the contract.
Know the Territory
Consult town and city authorities to learn about local regulations and practices.
Study the homes in your area to determine common architectural styles.
Make contact with suppliers of predesigned and cut wooden structures and
with makers of unassembled metal buildings. Establish a wholesale or commercial account.
Find a source for off-the-shelf plans. Many companies offer blueprints and
plans that can be customized with trim, color, and other touches.
Make contact with local architects who would be available to draw custom
plans for small projects.

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