September 29, 2022

Royal family and fashion go hand in hand. From expensive dresses to edgy accessories, every royal look is noticed and cherished; sometimes it is also sharply criticized. And with so many eyes looking their way, it’s only natural that they want to look their best at every public appearance. Maybe Meghan Markle was trying to do just that. Or was it she?

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Meghan and Harry recently broke the internet with their performance at Spotify’s Stream On event. Stream On, hosted on February 22nd, 2021, was a virtual live streaming event to empower audio creators worldwide.

It focused on sharing the latest music and podcast updates and was quite a hit. But after the event was over, it was interesting to see that the media and audience took notice of the picturesque pink sapphire ring worn by the Duchess of Sussex.

Youtube | Meghan Markle was spotted wearing a gorgeous Pink Sapphire cocktail ring during a Spotify live streaming event

Details on Harry & Meghan’s Spotify performance

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s surprise appearance at the Spotify event came shortly after the announcement of their second pregnancy. The revelation that the couple was pregnant again was special for them for many reasons.

For one, after Meghan experienced the trauma of a miscarriage last year, the fact that Meghan was now expecting was something that made the couple overjoyed. Second, the timing was so perfect that the duo were able to choose the exact same date as Princess Diana, Harry’s late mother, announced she was expecting Prince Harry, the second royal prince – April 14th February!

Since the pregnancy announcement was fairly simple, a black-and-white photo of the couple along with the message shared with CNN, in what was their first public appearance since, had to be something extraordinary. Walk in – the super elegant and precious pink sapphire cocktail ring with pavé diamonds.

Reuters | Meghan Markle looked radiant and elegant in this photo announcing her second pregnancy

Despite Harry and Meghan discussing Archewell Studio’s planned Spotify podcast, no one could help but notice how elegant the Duchess looked in her simple and beautiful avatar. She said a citrus Primavera dress with a peplum hem and minimal jewelry, under which the cocktail ring stood out.

What is so unique about this ring?

During the filming of the TV show Suits, Meghan (who played a prominent role) lived in Toronto for a while. This was the period in which she grew to love the Canadian brands and has since openly extended her support to them over the years.

This ring is also of Canadian origin, but the fact that it promotes sustainable fashion (the rose-cut pink sapphire is ethically sourced and sits on a 100% recyclable gold band), which is close to her heart, is another reason why she decided to flaunt it at such an important public appearance.

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Getty Images | Meghan also owns several other precious jewels, including Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring

Besides the sapphire ring, Meghan owns several other precious jewels. And even if she likes to wear simple and elegant jewellery, she doesn’t shy away from statement pieces from time to time. She has worn Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring on several occasions, including her and Harry’s wedding reception.

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