September 27, 2022

For years, the Academy Awards have been a fascinating part of Hollywood. The night show honors Hollywood stars with Oscars and awards each year. However, this year The Academy chose the untrodden path: partnering with TikTok Stars. It’s important to note that the Academy has been watching TikTok with “eagle eyes” for the last few years. Based on the analysis, The Academy has concluded that TikTok is one of the huge content production platforms. Therefore, the TikTok stars need appreciation.

BBC / In an unexpected move, The Academy is “acknowledging” that TikTok is a massive platform with quality content.

In a recent statement, The Academy has officially announced that it will be collaborating with TikTok stars to recognize the talent and quality content that runs on the video-sharing platform. Likewise, The Academy also has the motive of attracting young viewers. Since TikTok is very popular with the young generation and the talents on the platform also come from young people, The Academy has agreed to work with these young talents.

Commenting on the type of content and talent that runs on TikTok, the academy admits it has “transformed” the lives of many youngsters around the world. According to the official statement (from The Academy), the stars who realize their talents and are massively followed on the platform need recognition. Therefore, they will be part of the 94th Annual Academy Awards.

CNN / TikTok star Reece Feldman, 23, makes it to the Academy Awards.

Being a TikTok star comes with many unfulfilled dreams. Essentially, TikTok stars make short (actually very short) videos and share them on the platform. Therefore, it is not clear whether this content will attract viewers or not. But the catch is that attracting viewers changes the videomaker’s life. Forever. It doesn’t take long for TikTok stars to go viral with their content and achieve overnight fame and success.

Reece Feldman is one of those TikTok stars. He has been creating content on TikTok for the past few years. Since then he has had a minute followers. But recently his content went viral and his following tripled in no time.

Now Reece will witness his dreams come true as he takes part in the 94th Annual Academy Awards. The Academy has already partnered with him to recognize his talent on TikTok.

Cottonbro / Pexels / The Dolby Theater is hosting up to 24 TikTok stars at the Mega Awards Festival this year.

In addition to Reece, 24 other TikTok stars are also living their dream: They made it to the Oscars. Guy With A Movie Camera, Juju Green and Emily Uribe are some of the TikTok stars who are part of this year’s Academy Awards.

It is important to note here that this is one of the Academy’s historic steps. It’s the first time in history that a mega-event like the Academy Awards has hosted TikTok stars. Likewise, it’s important to note that The Academy recognizes that TikTok is an extremely popular platform. And it’s having a “massive impact” on users’ lives.

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